Big Bass Amazon Xtreme

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $375

About this game

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ at BC.GAME is a fishing-themed slot that plunges players deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where nature thrives and adventure awaits. The backdrop is a breathtaking view of the dense jungle that fringes a bustling Amazonian river. A solitary fisherman bobs gently on his boat amidst the serene waterways, his unwavering focus epitomizing the thrilling pursuit of the game.

The uniqueness of Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ lies in its impressive underwater interface. The reels come alive, submerged in a clear river teeming with an array of vibrant green flora that dances to the rhythm of the water. Each reel is delicately separated by a flurry of bubbles that float dynamically to the surface, creating a whimsical, almost mesmerizing aesthetic.

The game features fishing-themed symbols, including a fishing rod and a buoyant fishing float, enhancing the authenticity of the aquatic experience. The playful soundtrack, filled with the tranquil notes of the Amazon, perfectly complements the immersive gameplay, making every spin a delightful auditory and visual treat.

About Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ at BC.GAME

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ from Pragmatic Play brings an enthralling blend of risk and reward to the iGaming scene, thanks to its high-volatility nature. Its variance hints towards potentially significant but less frequent wins, offering a thrill to the players who are patient and enjoy the suspense of bigger payoffs. The design of the game aligns with the traditional slot model, featuring a 5 x 3 reel layout and a total of ten paylines, ensuring an intuitive and familiar feel, yet the game's unique theme adds a refreshing touch to the overall player experience.

When it comes to the math model, Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ displays an average Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.07%. The game also boasts a hit rate of 11.76%, translating to approximately one win in every nine spins. This frequency of winning combinations provides a level of consistency that, coupled with the game's high volatility, creates a balanced and captivating gaming experience to win the maximum prize of 10,000x.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ at BC.GAME provides gamblers with a vast betting range that starts at a modest $0.1 and stretches all the way up to a whopping $375. The expansive betting range caters to all types of players, from conservative bettors to high-rollers looking for big stakes and massive wins.

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ pay table begins with the low-paying card rank symbols: 10, J, Q, K, and A, with a payout value ranging from 0.2x for three identical symbols to 10x for five. Further down the list are medium-paying symbols: a backpack and a fishing road, with a 50x bet multiplier for five matches. And finally, a toucan and a fishing float are high-paying symbols that give you a 100x and 200x reward for five identical symbols, respectively.

Features of Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ (Pragmatic Play)


Designed as a fisherman, the wild symbol is capable of appearing on all reels during both the base game and free spins. The fundamental role of this symbol is to replace all other paying symbols, with the exception of the scatter and money symbols, thereby assisting in the creation of more frequent winning combinations.

Money Symbols

Money symbols take on the form of green fish, and they arrive in various sizes. Each spin may yield money symbols, and when they land, they carry a random cash value that ranges from 0.2x to 1,000x. Notably, the payout for these random cash values is limited to only the free spins round.

Random Features

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ is home to a total of six random features that may be triggered at any point during gameplay. The breakdown of these features includes two that can come into play during the base game and four that may be activated during the free spins round. These features are an essential part of the game's appeal, adding layers of excitement and unpredictability.

Base Game Random Features

Occasionally, following any spin, the game collects money symbols' cash values. When this happens, a random multiplier ranging from 1x to 50x is applied to the total reward collected. The multiplied amount is then paid out, providing a potentially significant reward.

The other random feature comes in the form of a crocodile, which can unpredictably appear and transform one symbol on the screen into a scatter.

Free Spins Round Random Features

During the free spins round, several random features can emerge.

Firstly, if there are fisherman wild symbols on the reels but no money symbols, money symbols can randomly appear in different positions at the end of a free spin.

The second random feature occurs when there are money symbols on the screen but no fisherman wild symbols. At the end of a free spin, a hook may appear, pulling a random reel upward or nudging it and revealing fisherman wild symbols.

The third random feature, which can be triggered when there are fisherman wild symbols on the screen but no money symbols, manifests as a waterfall animation that replaces all symbols except for wilds with different symbols.

The fourth and final random feature of the free spins round happens when a hook appears at the end of a free spin, which can pull the reels up or nudge them, bringing fisherman wilds and money symbols into view.

Scatters, Free Spins, and Pick a Bonus

A yellow fish symbolizes the scatter symbol, and if you land three or more, the free spins round will be activated, delivering ten free spins.

Before the commencement of the round, you'll be prompted to choose from fourteen pots to select free spin modifiers. Three pots always contain a boot, and revealing a boot will end the pick a bonus feature and initiate the free spins round with the modifiers that you've unveiled. However, landing four or five scatters triggers the pick a bonus feature, with one or two boots already revealed for an extra thrill.

The modifiers have the potential to activate up to six additional free spins, land up to three guaranteed money symbols on each free spin, secure up to three fisherman wild symbols, and begin the free spins round from sublevels 1, 2, or 3, or remove the lowest-paying money symbols, 2x or both 2x and 5x symbols, from the reels for the entirety of the round.

In the free spins round, each fisherman wild holds an additional responsibility. They gather all the values from the money symbols and pay them out. Additionally, each fisherman wild is collected and contributes to increasing the level of the free spins round, which is comprised of seven levels. Each of these levels is further divided into four sublevels. Advancing to the fourth sublevel ensures progression to the next level.

The journey through the sublevels is paved by landing fisherman wilds and collecting them. Every fourth wild retriggers the free spins round, propelling you to the next level and awarding ten additional free spins. Moreover, reaching a new level by collecting four wild symbols significantly increases the multiplier applied to the total collected cash values of money symbols, with each level providing multipliers of 2x, 3x, 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, and 50x, respectively.

Nudge and Respins

In the base game, if two scatter symbols hit the reels without the third one, and there is potential for these scatters to move one row down on the reels or nudge, they will do so. This action initiates a respin for the reels that don't have scatters, presenting an opportunity to land scatters and consequently trigger the free spins round.

Feature Buy-in

Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ also offers an exciting feature buy-in. Players have the option to kickstart the free spins round by using it for a 100x fee. It ensures at least three scatter symbols will land on the following spin, hence activating the free spins round.

An alternative is an option at 1.5x for each spin. It increases the odds of entering the free spins round as more scatter symbols will populate the reels. However, activating the bet option disables the buying of free spins, forcing the player to make strategic decisions and turning the gameplay into an even more engaging one.


Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ from Pragmatic Play is an exemplary addition to the Big Bass slot series, packed with dynamism and versatility that promises a high-octane gaming experience. The enchanting Amazonian theme only adds to the allure, effortlessly taking players on a thrilling journey that underscores the studio's relentless innovation and commitment to quality. And the infusion of random features not only adds an element of suspense but also ensures that every spin is unique, rewarding, and above all, highly engaging.

Astonishingly, Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ also offers an incredible level of autonomy to players, allowing them to choose their own route to riches with feature buy-ins and pick a bonus feature. Meanwhile, the avalanche of rewards from money symbols and free spins further bolsters its appeal, making it hard to resist. In essence, Big Bass Amazon Xtreme™ at BC.GAME offers an extraordinary blend of excitement, freedom, and potential profits and is an unmissable gem in Pragmatic Play's ever-growing portfolio.

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