Crazy Time

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign


Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win

25,000x or $500,000

Hit Rate




Stakes Range

$0.1 to $10000

About this game

Crazy Time (Evolution Gaming): GAME Review & Theme

As soon as you fire up Crazy Time at BC.GAME, you're transported into a vivaciously designed studio that looks and feels like your favorite TV game show, all from the comfort of your screen. The centerpiece of this lively setting is a dynamic bonus wheel, spinning with the promise of rapid rounds and epic rewards. Beyond the eye-catching visuals, the game's soundtrack complements the theme perfectly, adding a layer of fun that amplifies every spin, making each round more captivating than the last.

But what truly sets Crazy Time apart is the real-time interaction. The game's lively host breathes life into each session, connecting with players through the chat. This personal touch gives the game a communal feel, as players can not only engage with the host but also participate in thrilling multiplayer action.

Gameplay and Tutorial

Crazy Time is a captivating game show that revolves around a grand 54-segment vertical bonus wheel, which is spun by a live host during each round. Additionally, every spin of the wheel comes with a randomly determined multiplier.

The primary goal for players is to accurately predict the segment where the wheel will settle after its spin. To join the excitement, players can place their bets on specific segments, either by choosing the number-based spots like 1, 2, 5, or 10 or by selecting the special bonus game segments: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time.

About Crazy Time at BC.GAME

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming has quickly garnered attention due to its high volatility, promising players intense gameplay with the potential for significant swings in outcomes. The game's unique 54-segment bonus wheel makes it an exciting option for those looking for variety and surprise. Crazy Time also allows players to secure impressive rewards, granting them the chance to multiply their bet by up to 25,000x or even achieve a breathtaking maximum win of $500,000.

When considering the statistical aspects of the game, Crazy Time boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.08%. While the percentage is fairly standard when juxtaposed with other titles in the iGaming realm, it still offers players a decent chance at recouping their stakes. Furthermore, with a 38.89% hit rate, players can anticipate a win in roughly every third round, which means frequent wins and continuous excitement.

Bet Limits and Payouts

Crazy Time at BC.GAME boasts a vast and accommodating betting range to suit all kinds of players. For those betting on numbered segments, the range stretches from a modest $0.1 right up to a staggering $10,000. Meanwhile, if you're looking to bet on the bonus game segments, the game provides a betting range starting at $0.1 and maxing out at $2,000.

Crazy Time's pay table offers a spectrum of eight unique winning possibilities. When players place their bets on numbered segments like 1, 2, 5, and 10, they stand to gain payouts of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x, respectively. Conversely, when one chooses to bet on bonus game segments such as Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time, the potential rewards are hefty, with maximum payouts of 250x, 500x, 500x, and 1,000x, respectively, which lead to a prize of up to $500,000 per bonus game bet.

Features of Crazy Time (Evolution Gaming)

With each spin in Crazy Time at BC.GAME, players are introduced to the bonus wheel, complemented by the allure of potential multipliers from the two adjacent reels and random features. Beyond this immediate thrill, the Crazy Time live casino game beckons with diverse avenues of adventure: the hidden realms of the Cash Hunt bonus game, the straightforward yet unpredictable dynamics of Pachinko, the suspense of Coin Flip, and the expansive potential of the Crazy Time bonus wheel. Every feature in this game offers a unique blend of anticipation and reward, presenting players with a varied and enriching experience.

Bonus Wheel and Multipliers

After you've placed your bets, the game presenter spins the bonus wheel, and concurrently, two reels above the wheel begin their rotation, determining a multiplier and a bet spot for that round. If the bet spot and the multiplier perfectly align in the center of these reels, then that specific multiplier is activated for the current round; otherwise, the game continues without the added benefit of a multiplier.

As the bonus wheel slows down, a pointer at its top will indicate the winning segment, and if it lands on your chosen bet spot and a multiplier was activated earlier, your winnings will be multiplied accordingly.

Bonus Games, Pick a Bonus, and Random Feature

But the excitement doesn't stop here. Sometimes, the bonus wheel unveils one of several exhilarating bonus games.

The Cash Hunt bonus game presents players with a screen showcasing 108 multipliers. If a multiplier was determined by the spinning reels at the start, it enhances all 108 multipliers on display. However, these multipliers soon get concealed behind shuffled symbols, and players use a cannon to select one of them in the hope of unveiling a favorable multiplier. If players don't make a choice during the allotted countdown, the game auto-selects a multiplier randomly.

The Pachinko bonus game introduces another level of excitement: a puck drops from a randomized point, moves through pegs, and aims to land on one of the multipliers at the bottom. If the puck lands on the "DOUBLE," all multipliers increase, and the puck drops once more. This process can continue until multipliers reach a maximum of 10,000x, at which point "DOUBLE" changes to 10,000x. On occasion, as a random feature, if the puck stops on a smaller multiplier, the game may trigger a Rescue Drop to give players another chance to win a higher multiplier.

In the Coin Flip bonus game, players watch a two-sided coin, red on one side and blue on the other, flip in the air. Both sides have a random multiplier, and if a multiplier is determined by the initial spinning reels, it is applied to both sides of the coin. Once the coin lands, the side facing up determines the winning multiplier. In some rounds, if the game determines the initial multipliers to be low, it might provide an additional random flip to give players better multipliers.

Lastly, the Crazy Time bonus game displays a grand wheel with 64 segments, each filled with multipliers. If there was an initial multiplier from the spinning reels, it applies to all the multipliers on this wheel. Players then select a pointer color, either green, blue, or yellow. As the wheel eventually stops, each pointer reveals a multiplier value. If a pointer lands on "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE," the wheel's multipliers either double or triple in value, and the wheel spins again. This can continue until the multipliers reach a whopping 20,000x value, which then replaces the "DOUBLE" and "TRIPLE" segments.


Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is an explosion of dynamism and thrills. Every hue of the bonus wheel, the unpredictability of bonus games like Coin Flip and Pachinko, and the sheer potential of a life-changing payout make it an unforgettable experience. Moreover, real-time interaction and a communal atmosphere ensure every spin is an event, a spectacle, and a whirlwind of anticipation and excitement.

While many iGaming options vie for attention, Crazy Time at BC.GAME has its own unique allure. Its unparalleled combination of interactive gameplay and vast winning possibilities makes it a must-try for those seeking both entertainment and rewards.

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